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The Big Draw Festival China

Updated: Jun 30, 2022

The Big Draw and Urban Hybrid Architecture have announced the launch of a new initiative and partnership, The Big Draw Festival China.

On this special day, The International Day of Co-operatives, The Big Draw and Urban Hybrid Architecture have announced the launch of a new initiative and partnership, The Big Draw Festival China.

This new partnership is delighted to announce their intent to develop a new not-for-profit entity ‘The Big Draw Festival China’ which will be based in mainland China.

It is fitting that the partnership is announced on a special international day of consequence. The Big Draw Festival has a global presence and The Big Draw’s 2021 theme, #MakeTheChange aligns very closely with those of #CoopsDay and #RebuildBetterTogether.

Kate Mason, Director of The Big Draw said:

“The Big Draw has a long-standing relationship with Kam Panesar, Co-founder and Managing Director of Urban Hybrid Architecture and I am excited that this new collaboration will enable us, through Kam and his team, to embed The Big Draw Festival in China in support of positive change.

The 2021 international Big Draw Festival theme, ‘Make the Change’, explores the relationship between people and our living environments. On International Day of Co-operatives 2021, we look forward to lending our voice to this critical mass of social activists and positive changemakers.

Everyone has experienced unique challenges over the last 18 months, and reflection has amplified understanding for the critical need for a happier, more balanced way of living. One in which humans choose to live sustainably as a key component to counter the environmental crisis. To counteract the disconnect across our societies and economies.

Sustainable and successful living is dependent upon how we interact with the world around us; it’s about kindness shown to nature and our natural world but also kindness shown to each other. We have a responsibility to those who come after us to make the right choices around core-values, need, equality and leadership.”

Kamaljot Panesar - Cofounder and Managing Director of urban hybrid architecture said:

A new “Drawing Renaissance” is taking place. Globally sparking creative energy back into our public spaces through creative arts and cultural co-design and co-delivery highlighting the importance of cooperatives. In this meaningful year, Urban Hybrid Architecture are honoured to be launching partners for Big Draw China supporting the UK headquartered team expand the worlds largest arts festival. As China’s economy grows, people’s concerns about material life diminish and turn to quality of life. Based in Chengdu, where the creative and cultural industries lie at the heart of everyday people. This new organisation will facilitate The Big Draw Festival China and future collaborative working across the country and continue to engage local communities in arts related activities as artisanal participants, audiences and co-designers, showing the importance of balancing first-hand ‘experiance economy’, a positive step in helping The Big Draw establish and promote it's values in China.

Drawing and creativity are fundamental elements of architecture and design ...Therefore it was a very natural progression into this collaboration. This year’s festival theme “Make the change” highlights the value of drawing in rethinking, remaking, refocusing and wellbeing. The importance in the early stages of designing buildings and interior spatial experiences we always start with the notion of DISCOVERY through playful design, thinking out of the box, creating, changing and allowing the design thinking to evolve. Just like mimicking nature through biomimicy, the study of nature’s designs and mimicking them to solve human challenges.

Urban Hybrid Architecture have long been involved with The Big Draw in promoting its values and inspiration in China Creative sectors where designers and manufactures are connected. More focused on Inspiration and intent incorporating the UN’s Sustainable Developement Goal 17, Partnerships for the Goals.

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