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An iconic structure with a viewing platform in a stimulating and experiential environment attracting a range of visitors.   Vertical Farm Centre is not a common building. It is also not a common Green building. The project, initiated 2014 in Chengdu, proposes an alternative to the typical land-intensive farming systems. The aim is to produce as much food as possible and clean energy in a minimum of space.Hydro, aero and aquaponic technologies are integrated into this vertical farm.

With its rigid circular bamboo frame the VFC provides many storeys and a maximum sun exposure onto the farm. The re-circulating system, made of several layers of agricultural cultivation and an aquaponics system, enables the growth of crops and fish together on a very small base area. Nutrients derived from fish waste can easily be used as fertiliser for the plants. The zoned structure allows an efficient use of water and nutrients. Plants are grown hydroponically instead of using soil.

03   /   11   /   2015

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